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Spyware Clear Main Tab

The Spyware Clear Main tab is your Control Center that summarizes your system’s protection status, initiates scans, links you to support help, and provides the latest news and tips on security protection. Here you can find all the information you need to use and maintain Spyware Clear.

Getting Started

Let’s begin by getting familiar with the Main tab and its features.

Main tab (referenced in the yellow box):

Scanning for malware can be performed from the Main tab. Spyware Clear has three scanning modes:

Start Fast Scan (A) - The Spyware Clear default scan mode is “Fast Scan”. This mode scans only the most critical areas of the computer for threats including the system registry, system INI files, processes running in memory, browser cookies (Internet Explorer and Firefox only), browser add-ons (Internet Explorer only), Windows Startup and critical system folders.

Choose a different scan (B) - Other scan modes are accessed by clicking on the “Choose a different scan” button. This enables you to select either:

  • Full Scan - Spyware Clear “Full Scan” scans all areas of your computer for threats covered by the "Fast Scan”, plus each individual file and folder on your hard drive.

  • Custom Scan - Spyware Clear “Custom Scan” allows you to select which part of your system you want to scan in detail. If you select this type of scan, you will identify specifically which files and folders you’d like to scan. You can custom select those files and folders using checkboxes, click the “OK” button to confirm.

Protection Status (referenced in the blue box):

The Protection Status section in the upper left corner of the Spyware Clear Main tab provides quick information about the status of your security protection.

Antivirus (C) – indicates if you have Antivirus protection turned on or off. Antivirus protection is available in the Spyware Clear Premium version only. Clicking the Antivirus link opens the Antivirus settings.

Real-Time Protection (D) -This indicates whether you have the Real-Time Protection turned on or off, clicking the link opens the Real-Time Protection setup to make changes.

Automatic Updates (E) - indicates whether you have automatic updates turned on or off, clicking the link opens the Automatic Updates setup.

High Priority Updates (F) - indicates whether you have automatic high priority updates turned on or off, clicking the link opens the Updates setup. Additional premium updates are available only in Spyware Clear Premium version via this high priority updates link.

Automatic Scan (G) - indicates whether you have Automatic Scan turned on or off, clicking the link opens the automatic scan setup.

Update Center (H) - shows the database update status of your application, clicking on the link opens the Update Center.

Premium License (referenced in the green box):

The Premium License section provides information about your Spyware Clear Premium license activation. If you do not have the Spyware Clear Premium, this link allows you to upgrade and activate the premium version which includes F-Prot Antivirus protection and more features for ultimate protection.

If you could not find a solution for your problem, you can Submit a ticket and our Support Team is ready to help you.

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