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Automatic Scan

To access the Automatic Scan settings, click on "Scan" or "Automatic Scan" from the settings tree in the settings dialog window. The following dialog will appear:

Use Automatic Scan (A) - This option will disable or enable the scheduling scan features.

Start Time, Select the day(s) (B) - Specify the time and day you want to perform the Automatic Scan.

Start time - If I miss my scheduled time, start it immediately (C) - This option will force Spyware Clear to start the scan immediately if the scheduled time was missed.

Check database update before scan (D) - This option will check to see if Spyware Terminator's databases are up to date before a scan begins to ensure maximum detection abilities.

Postpone scheduled scan when computer runs in battery mode (E) - When using a laptop computer, this option will preserve your battery life.

Display scan results (F) - This option will enable or disable displaying scan results after a scheduled scan.

Display scan progress (G) - This option will enable or disable the scan progress window while a scheduled scan is being performed. This refers to the progress bar you see while performing an on-demand scan.

Always run a Full Scan (H) - Spyware Clear will always run a Full Scan instead of a Fast Scan.

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